While in Tarkov you make your way playing as PMCs and as a Scav. Each of your raids is unique and diverse, and the end of it can be both positive and completely disappointing. It all depends on the equipment, your experience, knowledge and a little luck — all this forms your adventure in the raid.

What kind of adventures do you encounter in the game? Tell us!

We are launching a creative contest for the #EscapefromTarkov community.

You will need to choose one of the options and tell the story:
1 “One day in the life of a PMC”
2 “One day in the life of a Scav”

How to participate?
1. Choose the topic that you like the most (PMCs / Scav).
2. Record and upload video on chosen topic.
3. Make sure that the video does not exceed 10 minutes in length. Shot in HD/FullHD. It also should have a good visual quality.
4. Make sure to include “Escape from Tarkov – one day of your life” in the title of your video.
5. Send the link to the community topic on our Discord server – https://discord.com/invite/escapefromtarkovofficial channel for your submissions is called #event-submissions
6. The video must be created after the start of the contest, old videos and reuploads will not be taken into account.

Prizes for participation in the contest:
For 1st-3rd place, you will get an Escape from Tarkov edition (the version of the edition depends on the quality of the video) and valuable in-game equipment (it will be sent by in-game mail).

Works are accepted until 12.09.2020 (inclusive).
The results of the competition will be announced a week after.

Hurry to participate! The competition has already started!


Original Post: https://forum.escapefromtarkov.com/topic/136330-one-day-of-life-contest/